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Why are petal confetti measured in litres?

We had the same question when we were buying petal confetti for our wedding!

Petal confetti are typically measured in litres because it provides a standard unit of measurement for the amount of petals being purchased.

By measuring the petals in litres, it makes it easier for customers to understand the quantity they are ordering and for suppliers to accurately package and sell the petals.

A litre of petal confetti is a commonly used unit of measurement because it provides a generous amount of petals for most events. The quantity of petals in a litre can vary depending on the size and type of petals, but on average, a litre of petal confetti can provide enough petals for around 10-15 handfuls.

Measuring petal confetti in litres also allows for easy comparison between different suppliers, as it provides a standard unit of measurement that is widely used in the industry. This helps customers make informed decisions when choosing the right supplier and ensures that they receive the correct amount of petals for their event.

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